Ben Edmonds – Knife Maker

When you do something, do it with passion. There’s a tatted up bloke by the name of Ben Edmonds in Derby England that does just that. He’s a knife maker. He spends his time hand-crafting raw materials into something usable and he has the dirt under his nails to prove it.

I’m in the business of making things. The more I’ve made, the more my objective has been refined. When I started out I was all about following trends and making things look “cool”. Now, I strive to create something that’s functional and stands the test of time. How awesome would it be to earn a living by walking into a workshop and creating something useful by hand? It’s something that speaks to the very core of being human. That’s why I love the story of Ben Edmonds. He left behind a career as a graphic designer to cut, grind, sharpen and sand carbon steel and locally sourced wood into a tool we’ve depended on since the stone age. But these aren’t just crude cutting tools, Edmonds pours hours of personal attention and the highest level of craftsmanship into each knife. By the way, if anyone’s stumped on what to get me for Christmas… hint, hint. Edmonds has an awesome story and it’s beautifully visualized by Jamie Isbell as a video profile. Wonderfully shot.