Life Lessons

I’m cracking this book open for a second time before I pass it on to a friend and am reminded of the life lessons it shares. Throughout his story, Kevin uses the freedom of choice not only to navigate to a better life but to become one of the most influential icons of our time.

Kevin Hart was born an accident to a drug-addicted father and an overly strict mother, with a brother who was a drug dealer. I Can’t Make This Up outlines his journey from meager beginnings to overwhelming success. But, this book is more than just an inspirational “rags to riches” story. In it, we gain access on how to extract a learning experience from adversity, how to recognize our self-worth, and the importance of persistence. It delivers relatable, real-world situations accompanied by a lesson. By the end, we receive a philosophy that impacts our decision making.

One thing that still stands out to me is a lesson that gives some insight into the perspective of our loved ones…

“Your friends may love you, but the problem is that they love you as you are. You play a role in their lives that they’ve gotten used to, so they don’t always want you to change.
As for the person your dating, he or she may support you… whether this change will bring you closer to or further away from that person.”

I’m sure everyone in our social circle, wants to see us do well. But their perception of who we are is probably different to who we want to be. In times of change, we usually try to suck up as many opinions as we can, in order to prepare for any outcome. The question is, will these opinions keep us the same, or will they move us closer to who we want to become?

Most of us aren’t born into opportunity. Some are born with the odds stacked against them. But, for the overwhelming majority, we have the freedom to choose. We don’t have to be born into adversity to benefit from the power of choosing to be better. We have all lived through situations that have really sucked. One thing that makes it easier is knowing that we’ll walk away having learned a life lesson.

I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons
by Kevin Hart, Neil Strauss
Published June 6th 2017 by 37 Ink