Adobe CS6 Brand System

The upcoming launch of Adobe CS6 brings a refreshed visual language. Naturally, as a designer I can totally appreciate the logic behind the process, especially a brand system as extensive this.

I really wanted to hate this, mainly because this is the introduction to subscription-based licenses… That aside, the system has definitely grown on me since it was first posted a few weeks ago. No doubt the rebrand of CS3 done by Ryan Hicks was the most significant/iconic in the brand’s evolution, CS6 makes me miss the simplistic functionality. Read more in detail about The CS6 Desktop Brand System.

“It takes well over a year to design, execute, deliver, and ensure the proper implementation of the roughly 5,000 or so assets it takes to get a CS release out the door (we’re already thinking about CS7). Along the way, there are innumerable institutional, technological, and political hurdles to overcome. It can be daunting, but we do everything we can to get it made with as few design compromises as possible.”