Aaron Draplin. What can I say about this guy? Just complete awesomeness. A conversation with him is like a big verbal bear hug.


I first met the man at an AIGA lecture in Anchorage – “tall tales from a large man,” chock-full of his adventures across the US, a few raw observations and of course really strong and witty graphics solutions — a really honest and inspiring presentation. A week later we were so fortunate to check out his space (DDC North America) in Portland OR, talked a little shop and grabbed some merch on the way out.

One of the things I love about his work is the spirit it brings with it. Overall it’s honest and clever. But still retains the old-fashioned great American pride and integrity of craftsmanship. Very refreshing to see, especially nowadays, when the only thing you need to be a designer is a Mac, apparently. Here’s a short video showing that spirit Aaron carries with him, its kind of infectious.

Some of the merch I grabbed from DDC. Good stuff.

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