JKDC Poster Shop

Just when I thought I couldn’t find any more space on my walls, my buddy Justin Kemerling shared a poster set that evokes conviction, contributes to critical social causes, and needless to say, added a few more nails to my wall. No B.S.

Longtime friend, mentor and overall force for good, Justin Kemerling is an independent graphic designer from the midwest. Described as THE artist in Nebraska that is designing social causes, Justin works with changemakers and do-gooders to effectively move people toward action. Even with his poster shop. It’s more than just cool design. These posters are bold personal declarations, that help fund their related ideology.

I absolutely love the aesthetic. 18×24 inches, screen-printed white type on black. Bold. No B.S. And they fit in pretty nicely with my other pieces.

Now that I’ve got these up, any guest that comes over will immediately know that I’m a really great person (jk). You should do the same.

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