The Big One 2020

Every year, AIGA Alaska hosts a statewide design competition titled “The BIG One.” Even though this year presented a lot of challenges, I’m happy to see that in 2020, the show still went on. I’m also happy to say that I was able to participate and actually did pretty well!

I’m extremely grateful that I am even able to participate this year. So, I’m even more honored to have played a role in receiving three Gold Awards, one Silver Award, and three Best in Categories! Thanks so much to Lauesen Law Team, Element Agency, and Rising Tide Communications for involving me with these projects. It’s only because of you that this is possible and I’m excited to see what comes next. Thanks for being brave, curious, and allowing me to get a little weird. Thanks so much to AIGA Alaska, and congrats to my fellow designers. There was a huge turnout and the level of work by my peers is quite impressive. Can’t wait to see the winner’s posted online!

Watch the Facebook Live presentation!
Certificates for Self Promotional Chocolate (Gold), Lauesen Law Team (Gold), and We Need You (Silver)

Here are my award winners…

Best in Category Awards for Logo & Identity Systems, and Promotional Design & Advertising
Each color was printed on a separate layer, adding dimension to the experience.

And shout out to Edmar Carrillo for the amazing design theme this year. His reference to Bauhaus typography and ink separations speaks volumes to the classic print designer in me. Well done!