The Haiti Poster Project

A benefit poster donated to The Haiti Poster Project.

After the January 12th earthquake, Haiti was left devastated. Although scores of aid agencies rushed to the scene, Haiti still remains a far cry from even the impoverished nation it was. Major cities reduced to mountains of rubble. Bodies still being exhumed. Government all but disappeared. More than 1 million displaced from their homes, condemned to waiting without any visible end. Yet they still carry on. There’s no way that I can truthfully depict their utter devastation and abandonment. This piece celebrates the endurance of the human spirit. It also serves as a thank you to the buyer, letting you know your purchase goes to improve the lives of those who still struggle. The text is in Creole — “sorrow, hope, despair, security, endurance, courage, pride” — a heavy load to carry. Merci.

Printing and stock donated by PIP Alaska