The Lauesen Law Team is in the business of serving justice & civility at the highest ethical standards. Being a progressive and female-owned business, their brand communicates that they are not the traditional, stuffy old law firm.

The Lauesen Law Team was born out of the need to serve justice in an industry with a less than moral reputation. Their mission is to collaborate openly as a team, guided by a high standard of ethics, compassion, and straightforward representation. They work together with their clients to identify the problem and educate them on every option and the associated risks and rewards. If you’ve ever needed representation, you’re already under a lot of stress. The Lauesen Law Team exists to solve problems, not create them.

The icon is a continuous interwoven line, with their initials at its core. This represents their need for collaboration and inclusion. It’s set in gold to symbolize their value in the highest ethical standards and industry expertise. The wordmark is set in the typeface Grifo Bold. This serif font style speaks to our modern professionalism. The lowercase letters are much taller than usual, indicating that they speak with authority without raising our voice.
The textures visualize the specific qualities of the brand pillars. The shapes are inspired by nature and illustrate an organic approach to balance and justice.

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